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I am an assistant professor of Statistics and Econometrics in Democritus University of Thrace and a Quantitative Analyst in Bank of Greece. I was a visiting faculty at Rice University (’98-’00) at Houston, and a visiting assistant professor at Τexas A&M University at Kingsville (’96-’98). My current research areas are on credit risk modeling (early warning systems for banks), econometrics and panel data, simulation and stress testing for macroeconomic variables, and sampling techniques for assesing the expected loan-losses. I have applied structural equation modeling in Finance at the Business School of University of  Texas (Journal of Risk and Insurance – 2007 – with Tom Sager and Etti Baranoff). I also conducted research on classification problems with Rice University and the M.D. Anderson Medical Cancer Center at Houston. In addition, I was involved in a project for imputation, with the United States Department of Agriculture, and I was a research fellow in 1994 at Educational Testing Service (ETS) involved in a project for equating testing scores. I proved a theorem with applications to panel data analysis (Annals of Statistics 2005 - and I have developed a methodology for panel data models. I taught close to 50 sections from undergraduate statistics to advanced econometrics for Ph.D. students.


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